On a few occasions, I thought, “Gee! There must be something to photograph.” I lived in Irving, Texas. The Dallas area didn’t have a lot of trees, but there were enough to photograph to last my lifetime. Sure, they weren’t tall, but generally, I wasn’t looking to photograph the tops of them.

There was park near my house. The park ran along the Trinity River … a river not known for it’s cleanliness, but a river nonetheless, which presented photographic opportunties.

So, I embarked on a journey through the park and after several visits I began to “see” things. After spending a great deal of time taking pictures of tree trunks, vines, dead leaves, etc. I happened upon a person that I had seen many times before in this same park. He used to go for his walks about the same time that I went to take pictures.

He saw me with my tripod as I was focusing to take a picture and said: “Hey! I’ve seen you before, you are that guy that’s always taking pictures of tree trunks!”.

It’s nice to be recognized. 🙂

I was so wrong, there were a multitude of photograph opportunities right around the corner from me, all I had to do was look.


Is photography about reality?
Nine is enough