This is probably the most number of posts in one day that I’ve ever done or hope to do! 9! Quite an achievement.

Well, my wife invited me to Jetton Park with her. Jetton park is located in Cornelius, NC, about 20 miles or so north of us. At first, I didn’t know if I wanted to go. Sure, I wanted to go an take some photos, but I wasn’t familiar with this park, but decided to go anyway. I’m glad that I did. I took a number of photos. As the goose population is huge around the Charlotte area, there were plenty of geese to photograph as well as a Mallard Duck or two. So, I did a few of those shots and waited for the light to change.

Well, it was getting a bit chilly and my wife was ready to go. Just then, one of the local squirrels happened by and decided to get within range of my 300mm lens, so I had to give him his 15 minutes of fame. After this, we decided to leave. So, that’s enough blogging for this evening. Good night!

But there’s nothing to photograph …
Donuts are for Dunkin’