Well, I’ve started my experimenting with the lens and have a few observations, other than the donuts. First, as I knew, the depth of field is extremely shallow, which makes the task of focusing on a moving object extremely difficult. I came to realize how much I had come to depend on autofocus.

My camera has an extremely fast autofocus capabilities, but this lens is a manual focus lens so I have to do it the old fashioned way, by hand.

laterally moving subjects are not really a problem; however, movements that are perpendicular to the film plane present a big problem as they require constant adjustments of the lens and, as I found out, many missed opportunities.

The above photo was taken with the lens and was one of the very few that were in acceptable focus. The rest I had to delete.

I’ll try some more on Thursday. Also, I may not have been using the right tool for the job. These fellas come pretty close, as they are in a public park and aren’t very afraid of people, which greatly reduces my depth of field.

Overall, it’s a nice lens, I just have to pick the right situations in which to use it.

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