Here it is, almost summer in Charlotte, NC. Summer marks the end to some things and the beginning of others. Take these to cuties, for example, summer will mark the end, effectively, of their childhood. I”ve been watching the geese and their goslings, nearly since they hatched. Now, most of their downy feathers
are gone and soon it will be time to take flight and become independent adults.

For my younger son, it marks the end of the school year and beginning of summer vacation;

For myself, thanks to my wife’s support, it marks the beginning of summer vacation and a chance to fully explore who I am as a photographer. Fortunately, for me, I perform a job that I really like. I do software development. I can’t help wonder sometimes, what the grass is like on the other side of the fence, as a photographer. I think that I’m tired of being constrained by the cubicle and long for a job where I can be outside. Realistically, it’s a pretty difficult living trying to be a landscape photographer or nature photographer, or so I’ve heard, which is why many of the good ones teach and run workshops. Perhaps this is in my future. 🙂

We’ll see what happens, one day at a time.

Watch out Mark!
A really nice place to sit

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