Hobbs and I went for our daily walk. It was, as usual, uneventful. Nothing but the usual: Hobbs pulling against the leash trying to great every animal that he can, whether they are 2 legs or 4. It doesn’t matter.

Each day, we walk past the pond at the end of the street and, each day, I look to see if I see the Green Heron that I saw some weeks ago. The answer has always been no. This pond is the last leg in our journey.

Due to the afternoon thunderstorms that we’ve been having, the pond has been murky, at best. This is not a very good fishing ground for a bird that hunts by sight.

However, today was different. Even though we had a bit of rain yesterday, the mud settled and the pond, once again, was clear and my friend the heron was there fishing. I returned home, got my camera, and returned to the pond, hoping to get some good shots, but it was not to be. He was a bit shy today and flew away almost as soon as I got my camera mounted. He did, however, return a few moments later, let me get a few pictures, and then took off for good.

Well, I did earn myself some extra work, my tennis shoes need a bit of a cleaning. After all of the rain that we’ve been having, the mud around the perimeter of the pond seems to be a bit wet. I think that I should leave this in the garage. Someone might have a problem if I brought them inside. 🙂

Looking back
Lucky shoes

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