I’m not kind to my automobiles. I’ve never been kind to automobiles. To me, they are simply tools to be used to get from here to there a lot more quickly than walking! However, I never intended, yesterday, to do any off-road or near-off-road driving.

I was just finishing taking some pictures of Boone Fork creek, came back to my car, got in, was thinking about my next stop up the road, and backed out my from the end parking space. Unfortunately, I didn’t back up quite enough and when I went forward, my right front tire rolled up on the curb and totally smashed my hub cap!

On this picture, it shows to be scratches, but the hub cap, top-right, is severely bent. Oh well. I didn’t let it spoil my day. At least the tire didn’t puncture! When I got home last night, I ordered a new hub cap. Yeah, I’m about $40.00 lighter in the pocket, but what a great day it was! 🙂 Better to miss the $40.00 than to miss the trip!

Funny. From then on, I was really careful about making sure that I had enough room when I backed out! 😉

Yes. I did!
Reality. It’s all about how you look at it.

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