Gold is where you find it. I was thinking this morning about how many times that I’ve visited a given location. Some of them, like Reedy Creek Park, hundreds of times. However, each time that I visit, I see more of the smaller picture, and less of the big picture.

Other places, like Seabrook Island, SC, I only get to visit a few times per year, but while I’m there, I get to take hundreds of photos. It actually gets quite easy to find, in my opinion, good photographs because I’m not overwhelmed by the enormity of scale. A beach is a big, wide open space and attempting to capture it all at once simply does not work, at least not for me.

The most difficult places that I find to photograph are those places where I’ve never ventured before. It’s interesting because, I tend to not want to go to those places when I fell the need to make a good photograph. These places are reserved for exploration. In the end, they yield wonderful, or at least good, photographs and are a great pleasure to explore.

There are so many possibilities around the city, the country, almost anywhere. Sometimes I like the challenge of just getting a decent photo in my backyard, or further ‘on’ my backyard. It forces me to go deeper.

So, what works for you? Do you have a favorite place to go? Do you like to explore new places?

Gold, for me, is where you find it.

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