I had written this before, but since I killed my database, I’ll write it again. This time much shorter:

I was over on Cool Daddio’s site reading the results of his survey about blogging. It struck me that the reason, probably, that we blog is to get comments. When I first started blogging last May, I think, I was overly concerned with generating traffic to my blog. I found that in order to get a lot of traffic, especially for photo only blogs, you have to go out and post on other’s blogs. As Chantal said in one of her previous posts, it’s so ‘Junior High School’. I’ll post on yours if you post on mine!!!

In looking around, I found a few that I really liked and continued to read and look at the pictures. I still do that. I visit only a few blogs per day and comment, if I have something to say. If not, I just don’t comment. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like the image/topic, it’s just that I have nothing to say.

I’m not a big fan of drive-by commenting. These people drop by and give a one or two word comment and then they are on their way. The object, I suppose, is to get you to come to their blog and post a meaningful comment. I might drop by to see what’s going on, but will rarely make a comment.

Looking at Google Analytics, I see that I have about 20 or so people visit every day. Some people from my job, some from my wife’s, and of course, you good people.

I rarely concentrate on the numbers, except for one. Visitor loyalty. I can see from the stats that my return visitor count is about 71%. Now that, is wonderful news. It means that you guys and gals keep visiting over and over. That means so much more than the 30% new visitors.

So, thanks ever so much for stopping by every day! I sincerely appreciate it.

Now, I just have to figure out how to get some traffic from Africa! No hits there!!! 😉

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