Don’t you just hate this little phrase: His/her work is derivative of _____. Well, as many photos as there are and as many different ways as they’ve been taken, it would seem that mostly everyone has a little bit of derivation in them, wouldn’t you think?

I like to look at other photographer’s works, to see what they are doing and how. If I like it, I might try it a time or two and then integrate it into my own work, or more than likely, add my own spin to it. So that makes my work derivative.

Let’s take the ‘cram it’ method and it’s inventor, Michael Brown! No kidding, you can find out that he ‘invented’ it all over the internet. The same internet that Al Gore invented! 🙂 BTW, he has a funny post about that very topic. I hear that he even has software and a book and maybe even a movie coming out! 🙂

So, as I was saying, I like to ‘cram it’ every now and again and I get some interesting pictures from doing so. I’m all for doing whatever elevates my playing field and makes me a better photographer. Should I not use a macro lens because someone has done it before me? Should I not take pictures of the beach, or sunsets, or animals at the zoo because people have done it before me?

Heck, if I avoid all of the cliches and techniques that I’ve learned, I might as well put the camera in the closet and concede that there is nothing new under the sun and that I might as well not even try lest I be branded derivative! Yikes!

Thanks for your return visits!