I, like some other photographers, look into their bags one day and notice: Wow! I’ve got a lot of ‘stuff’. For me, it’s lenses. I think that I have 6 now:

Tamron 11-18mm
Nikon 18-70mm
Tamron 90mm Macro
Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8
Tamron 200-500mm
Lensbaby 2.0

Since I’m using Lightroom now, it’s a simple matter and look at lens use distribution. I found this quite by accident. I clicked on the meta data for one of the lenses and up pops the Metadata Browser. It told me what I already knew. I use my 18-70mm most of the time (51%), my 80-200 next (35%) and my 200-500 (7%) and finally, my 11-18 (6%).

I just got the macro, but that leaves about 1% for the macro and Lensbaby. My choice for everyday shooting is the 18-70 and my definite choice for sports is the 80-200mm, as it is fixed f/2.8 and I can use it in just about any gym!

However, some of my favorite pictures have been done with the 11-18mm. The ultra wide angle lens is great once you learn that you have to be right on top of your subject to get it to appear of any appreciable size. These two images were taken with the 11-18mm. Both were taken during the Jekyll Island workshop, with Craig Tanner. Until then, my widest lens was the 18-70mm. I bought this lens just so I’d have an ultra wide.

Sometimes I think that I have too many choices, but just then, a particular lens saves the day. It is extremely rare for me to switch lenses during a shoot. I usually will stick with one for better or for worse. I find that when I go to the beach, for those early morning shots, I prefer the 11-18mm. For the day, give me the 18-70.

So, how about you? Any favorites. I already know about Michael Brown. He uses 2 lenses: His Canon 100mm and a Canon 50mm lens + reversing ring. Ah, so simple! 🙂

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