Jekyll Island, GA “Driftwood Beach” – No filter

I have a number of items in my camera bag including a flashlight, compass, remote release, lenses, etc. Conspicuously absent are filters. It isn’t that I am averse to using filters, it’s just that I don’t like to change them. It’s called laziness! I rather like to shoot unencumbered; however, I have seen a number of photographs, particularly on Craig Tanner’s Light Diary site, where the application of a filter has greatly improved the shot in a natural and pleasing way. Here is an example of one such shot. I seem to really like the effect of the Blue-N-Gold polarizer.

Further, I noticed that Mark Graf has mentioned in his latest post about the Singh-Ray Vari-ND filter, which looks extremely useful. Many are the times when I wished that I had a neutral density filter to get allow me to get a shutter speed to produce a certain blue effect. The one filter could replace several.

I only own one filter, a polarizer, and it sits unused 99.99% of the time. In two weeks, I’m about to go to California for a week. I think that I’d love to take one, or both of these filters, but that’s not going to happen unless someone loans me one. 🙂 The Blue/Gold filter weighs in at $190 for the 67mm filter, and the Vari-ND seems to only come in 1 size, 77 mm and weighs in at a whopping $390 for the wide-angle ring mount. Mind you, I have but two lenses that take a 77mm filter: 11-18mm, 80-200mm f/2.8. The others take filters varying from 52mm (18-55mm) up to 86mm (200-500mm), leaving me to make a choice as to which ONE size I would buy. Things were so much easier with Cokin filters! 🙂

I have a favorite lens, which is the 18-70mm, which uses a 67mm filter and thus could purchase the Gold-N-Blue Polarizer, but it appears as though no more of those will ship until September, so I’m out of luck … maybe in luck because I can’t spend the $$$ 🙂

I already know that I don’t like special effect filters, like star bursts, vignette, etc, but I’m interested in the types of filters that you use. Have you ever used Singh-Ray filters before, and are there any filters that you feel really enhanced your pictures?

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