I’ve just upgraded to version 2.3.1 of WordPress; however, there seemed to be a few issues with some of the plugins that I was using and
I did get this fatal error after upgrading:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_terms() (previously declared in /home/…../wp-includes/taxonomy.php:370) in
/home/…../wp-content/plugins/Similar_Posts/similar-posts.php on line 807

I’ll leave this breadcrumb here for other people who may need the solution. There is a method in similar-posts.php called get_terms(). Unfortunately, WordPress 2.3.1 has declared a method with the same name. Getting around this is as simple as opening similar-posts.php and doing a search and replace on get_terms and changing it to get_the_terms. That’s it.

As a developer, I’ve always found it slightly annoying when someone goes to a news group, asks a question, figures out the answer but never comes back to give the answer.
I’ve found another incompatible plugin, comment subscription, so until that’s ironed out, you won’t be able to subscribe to comments. Also, my comment notification is not working. Oh well, I guess that this is an upgrade. 🙂


16:00 – Comment notification fixed: WP 2.3.1 includes a new file in the wp-includes directory. The name of the file is pluggable.php. This is supposed to allow certain WP features to be replaced by a plugin, one of which is the feature sends comment e-mail. No longer, it seems, do the fields in the general settings have anything to do with the mail. By default, the mail goes to wordpress [at] paullesterphoto [dot] com. I had no mail or forwarder for this. Setting up a forwarder ‘fixed’ the problem.

If you see anything out of sorts, please let me know. blog [at] paullesterphoto [dot] com

Note: If you are planning to upgrade, there is no going back. I upgraded from 2.1.3 to 2.3.1. There are database changes which make going back not much of an option. Also, the upgrade.php drops several tables, which may cause some of your plugins to fail. See wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php for detail.

Overall, other than for some fixes to security issues, it wasn’t worth the upgrade. I didn’t gain anything valuable from it except learning how to get around the issues. 🙂


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