Well, we only managed about 1 inch of rain for the entire two days that it rained. This still leaves the river levels down about 15 inches.

I saw this leaf on my patio, on the mat on the way into the house. I thought that it looked nice and was a good representative of some much needed and very welcomed rain. It certainly wasn’t enough to get us out of Exceptional Drought status, but it was enough to put a little green into the otherwise brown grass. Heck, there were even people cutting their lawns this weekend.

It’s kind of funny, the other day at work, after it had been raining for a scant few hours, I heard someone say: “I hate this weather! I’ll be glad when the sun comes out again!!!”. I wonder if she would have had that feeling if the lakes had gone dry! 🙂 I enjoy sunshine too, but I love the rain.

The rain was not enough to stop a few joggers that I saw in the park, nor was it enough to stop one crazy photographer from standing in the light rain with his gear taking pictures of those same joggers! 😉

When it started raining, I actually went outside to feel it … and it felt good!

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