Tranquility Hill as seen by some

Tranquility Hill doesn’t exist, as far as I know. It’s just a name that I made up this morning. This hill is more of just a dirt mound placed on an, as yet, undeveloped tract of land on the other side of my neighborhood; however, this mound is such a nice place to go and sit. It probably has an elevation of about 20 feet above the rest of the land, if that. Yet, there are many photographic opportunities there and I can feel the breeze and listen to it sough through the trees. It’s where I go to slip into those few minutes of bliss that I can obtain every now and again when I am in ‘the present’.

A view from Tranquility Hill as seen by me!

On occasion, but not today, I see a few white-tailed deer crash through the ‘forest’ beyond. Today, I didn’t see any deer, only deer tracks. Soon, this hill will be gone, used as fill dirt to fill in the small pond that lies below it. Then, I shall go forth and name another hill, somewhere else, but, for now, this is Tranquility Hill.

Happy Birthday, Zen Master Hobbs!
2005: Missing in action