I feel that my favorite photographer is Paul Lester. I just get his work. I understand where he’s coming from! 😉 Since getting my Epson 3800, I’ve printed a number of prints, not a huge number like I thought I would, but about 14 or so 13 x 19 prints. As I start hanging prints on my previously bare walls, it adds a certain ‘flavor’ to the house. Also, it is having an unexpected side effect on me. I’m inspired to shoot even more and come back with pictures that I can hang on the wall! When the images resided on the computer only, they didn’t have the same effect.

Now, when I’m out, sometimes I see a shot and think: Hmmmm, that might look great above the fireplace, or perhaps in the guest bathroom, etc. I don’t go out with this intention, but I do get the feeling sometimes. Also, as I go back through my archives, I see more and pictures that I would like to hang. Time to go to Office Max and get some more Velcro!

I’m still hanging the gallery style prints, without frames. I just love the modern look and, instead of costing $75+/print to hang, it only costs about $ 4.00. Plus, our home is starting to morph into a very non-traditional home so frames don’t quite fit. We are starting to have bold colored walls, contemporary furniture, heck we even have a meditation room!

Anyway, seeing my work in print makes me appreciate it even more, not the work itself, but the subject that I captured and the feelings that I had when I took the picture. If you’ve never printed and hung something on the wall, you might give it a try. Share your creative energy with others and yourself. Also, it is a constant reminder for me that I’ve only captured a minuscule amount of the beauty and that I need to keep my eyes open for more! I know, now I’m a printing evangelist! I told you that I’ve changed over the year!

About the image: Forbidden Territory was taken a couple of days ago. The sun was about to set so I went for a walk in Reedy Creek Park with my Nikon D40 to see what I could see. Very close to the trail head there is an old dilapidated sharecropper’s cabin surrounded by barbed wire fence. The sun was only on this fence post and wire for a moment. I had time to take just a few shots. During the rest of the year, the sun doesn’t penetrate this far into the woods because of all of the leaves on the tree. Another plus for winter time shooting!

Addendum: 2008/12/08 The quoted costs of about $75 was based on prices of frames, mats, mount boards, and hanging kits from local stores such as Hobby Lobby. I have found that I can get a complete kit with 4-ply mat for about $45, including shipping from Frame Destination. This price is for 12×18 inch artwork, 16×22 inch frame with glazing (glass). They have a number of types available. I can see that it is best not to buy these items locally as you have to endure a large mark up.

Fall Fantasy