Well folks, I’m off to Dallas for a bit. We take off Thursday evening 12/20, and will return on 12/31, New Year’s Eve. My family and Richard’s family will merge to become one for about 10 days. I know that it will be fun! It always is. During that time, I think that I will take some serious time off away from the blog. I’m going to try to go for the entire 10 days without a post, though I am sure that there will be stories and pictures to share, they’ll have to wait.

Usually I travel with my camera (D2x), tripod, laptop, Epson P-3000, extra batteries, chargers, the whole works. This time, the laptop stays at home, as well as the D2x, tripod, etc. I won’t be going naked, however, I will take the D40, P-3000, and chargers. That’s it. This time is to be spent hanging out with friends, sleeping in a little bit, and just enjoying myself in general. I have to take a little bit of equipment because it’s hard to resist those sunrise, sunsets, and interesting shadows. So, without a tripod, it looks like I’ll be shooting at high ISO levels! Also, it’s an exercise in using what you have. I won’t have my usual full arsenal of lenses, etc. I’ll have to survive!

Hmmm, I have two assignments due for my online class … they’ll have to wait too! I’m chillin!

Things have been rather slow around blog land anyway, as they are typically around the holidays. I hope that all of you have a very merry Christmas and I’ll catch up with you in the new year.