There are a number of sites, thankfully, where photographers are more than willing to share the knowledge that they’ve gained over the years. Happily, photography is not some type of secret society. It seems to be, for the most part, very open. There is a wealth of how-to videos available. A simple trip to You Tube will confirm that.

Closer to home, I like sharing the light with my son, Tony. As I am the head shuttle driver and chief chauffeur, we are in the car together at the edges of the day. That time of the day with the light seems to be most appealing.

Most mornings he’s quite groggy as he has to get up at 6:00 AM to be at school by 7:15. When we start driving to school it’s about civil twilight, or about 1/2 before official sunrise. Right when I drop him off at school, around 7:05, or so, the sun is about to peak above the horizon.

His school is located west of downtown, so at this time of year, the sun rises almost directly behind the buildings. There is a nearly abandoned strip mall, appropriately called, City View, that has some pretty nice views of the skyline. I like to stop here and snap a few photos whenever I can. The view from here is equally as spectacular around sunset as the warm glow of the sunset reflects off of the mirrored surfaces of the downtown buildings.

When we are in the car together, I usually make it a point to point out the colors in the sky and the beauty of the light as it gets on towards sunset. Talking about this in the morning would be nearly pointless as he is not what you would call, coherent.

We went to dinner the other evening and as we sat down to eat, we could see out of a set of windows that were facing west and he pointed out to me the beauty of the western sky and all of the cool patterns that the clouds were making.

I was so happy for him. He’s only 15 and he’s starting to notice things that many of his peers will probably never notice, or take for granted.

I am very happy to be sharing the light with him.

Gear head!
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