On this day in 1962:

  • John Glenn became the first American to circle the earth. He did it in a ship named Friendship 7. The folks at the hospital wanted my parents to name me after him, but they had already picked out a name. I’m glad that I have my own name. 🙂
  • I was born!!!

I saw a quote while waiting for an appointment somewhere that I’ll have to paraphrase:

Life is not about arriving at the grave with a pretty body with few bumps and bruises. It’s about skidding into the grave broadside and saying: “Wow! What a ride that was!!!”

I think that this quote makes a huge statement about how important it is to have a bit of fun or to make this a wild, fun filled ride. I tried to think of something really profound for today, but couldn’t come up with anything. That said, folks, I’m off to New Mexico to do a bit of photography. I hope to fully exhaust myself causing hand cramps from clicking the shutter so much while I’m there, come back with shoes and bag filled with white sand, having lots of stories to tell. I plan to use the hotel room for only a few hours of sleep per day.

I’ll be on my way to El Paso this morning. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from Charlotte to El Paso, TX, so I have to take a layover in Dallas. I should arrive in Alamogordo, NM at about 10:00 PM EST and be on the sands by 7:00 AM CST tomorrow morning.

I hope that some of you can join me on my next journey, sincerely.

Wait! Before I go. I want to extend to my wife my warmest thanks for understanding about my desire to go on my birthday. The birthday itself had no significance, but it will be a full moon and that will give me a chance to get some photographs that I might not have gotten. She graciously agreed to celebrate on the day before. She’s the best! Much thanks to Tony, too for understanding, and for Pedro who was going to visit from college, but postponed until next week so that he could see me. What a crew, eh?

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