I’m about 6 feet tall and most of my shots come from about that high off of the ground. Some of the shots, especially when I use wide angle lenses are pointed skyward, but again, from that same vantage point.

Sometimes I have to make a conscious effort to take a different perspective on things. This is akin to working the shot as I said in yesterday’s post.

While here in New Mexico, I have taken hundreds of pictures of sand dunes. I’ve approached them in several different ways both in the literal sense of portraying them as sand dunes and as abstract lines, shapes, and curves. However, I got pretty bored and wanted something different. Looking around I could see that there are several different species of desert plant eking out a living on the sand dunes so I wanted a closer look. By necessity, all of these plants are very short and low to the ground. The average yearly rainfall for Alamogordo, NM is about 11 inches, growing tall and having massive water requirements is not recommended.

I didn’t want to look down upon them, but more so on their level. This meant getting prone. It’s an amazing perspective shift. You have to not mind getting dirty and having sand in every conceivable location on your body, gear, clothing, etc.

So, here I was, for two days with my Nikon D300 and 50 mm lens just crawling around on the ground, taking pictures, and really having a great time. The only disadvantage that I ‘felt’ was occasionally, a bit of sand would blow into my eyes … a minor inconvenience.

I would have tried even higher perspectives, had there been any other than the tops of mountains. πŸ™‚ The highest things in the park were the sand dunes.

Taking a break from the sand: Looking around