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Carpe Diem! – Seize the day! I’m starting to love this flash stuff, especially now that I can go off camera and get some cool effects. The gardens at UNCC are starting to bloom again as spring continues to edge out winter. The is rising more towards the east now, rather than south/southeast. Naturally, this changes the light patterns in the garden in the early morning and evening, giving some shots that beautiful light and taking it away from others.

There are parts of the garden, those facing due north and south that only ever get indirect light. As I wanted to get some shots in those areas for the express purpose of playing with off-camera flash, I decided that that would be my destination. One of my favorite springtime plants is the Pygmy Japanese Pieris. There’s something very lovely about those delicate white bells. As the sun never directly touches this part of the garden, I had to give the sun a bit of help.

I took an SB-600 flash, added a yellow gel to simulate evening sunlight, placed my camera on a tripod, and started taking pictures. I tried some without flash, some by moving the flash high overhead and pointing down at about a 45 degree angle as well as about 45 degrees out to camera left. I did the same thing to camera-right. One way, simulating evening light, the other, morning. The results, IMHO, were fantastic and where just a small taste of what could be done.

Now, there is no need to wait for the sun to get into right position … place it! :-)

I guess that the other title of this blog could have been: Flash:Old dog learns new tricks!

Technical Data:
Camera: Nikon D300
Flash: Nikon SB-600 @ TTL -1, yellow gel
Lens: Tamron 90mm macro
Exposure: 1/125@f/5.6

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