If you’ve not read Anita’s post entitled: One of the Photoshop Days, you should. In it she talks about getting into the flow of post-processing and letting her subconscious mind take her where it will. I call it free play, or the suspension of the adult, critical mind.

I, like Anita, find that this process is fun and therapeutic. If I am having problems, or perhaps a negative or worrying type of thought, sometimes I can go and ‘shoot’ it away, other times I can sit at my computer and get lost in the moment and do some cool post-processing. It’s not a matter of fixing a picture, but of bringing some intense emotion to it. Perhaps it’s a way of getting what I feel onto the screen. I don’t know if music has anything to do with it, but I was listening to Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature”.
The above photo is quite different than what came out of the camera, but it reflects what I felt at that time. I am embracing digital and using as an extension to my creativity. It’s another tool. I don’t use plugins, except for noise reduction, so each time I post process an image, it’s likely to be different. Whatever I click on, I’ll try to use.

The second picture is what came out of the camera. The camera is set to neutral color, sharpness, and contrast, so it’s not a fully fair comparison.

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