One is a SoFoBoMo warm-up book. I wanted to severely constrain myself and produce a work based on the number one. I’d appreciate any feedback that you’d be willing to give. The size is about 2 MB, so if you are using dial-up, you might not want to do this. :-) I’ll work on getting an html version.

My point was to try to see how easy, or perhaps difficult, it would be to put a quick project together with my current tools. I cannot afford Adobe InDesign, or even Adobe Acrobat, for that matter. Well, I could probably afford it, but didn’t want to come off of $600+ at this time.

So, using Scribus, Lightroom, my camera, and one hour of my time to shoot, an additional hour to make edits and put the book together, I came up with what you see here. Actually, it took more like 45 minutes to shoot, 1 hour to edit and export, and about 30 minutes to put the book together. What a journey that was.

The part that took the longest was discovering that somehow I had switched my export settings in Lightoom from 72 pixels/inch to 72 pixels/centimeter! I was wondering why all of my pictures were way too large!

What I learned:

  • Wow! An hour goes quickly, especially when editing and trying to think of something to say!
  • I need more time to think about picture titles, so I skipped them.
  • I like Scribus. It’s very powerful and, once you get used to it, rather easy to use.
  • I need to think a bit more about the format of the book. I like 8×8, but need to think more of how to fit the pictures in the book.
  • Shooting from the hip, so to speak, is fun. Turn the brain off, find a nice spot, and react to life.

I shot exactly 100 pictures. From those, I picked the ones that I liked best, or that spoke to me within the time constraint. There are 12 pictures in the book.

From photographer to videographer
One II