Scribus will be crashing because of an access violation!

The above message was at least courteous! The application did warn me that it was about to go south. There was nothing that I could do about it, but at least I was warned. They say that “You get what you pay for”. Well, I didn’t pay anything for Scribus. 🙂 Actually, it’s not a bad piece of software. I like open source software and try to support that community.

So, I’ve started on the building phase of my book and, compared to the photography part, this is some serious work. I’ve switched formats a few times, wrestled with Scribus over how fonts were supposed to look, and have been, in general, flailing about. Editing is hard work. First, trying to pick out the pictures, then the even more difficult task of trying to put them in some kind of order that makes sense to your mind.
I’ve also decided on a few chapters with, perhaps, a uniform number of pictures in each. So far, 2 chapters and 18 pictures. One could say that I’m about 1/2 of the way there. The front matter, for the most part, is taken care of. I’ve just got to come up with a couple of more chapters. 🙂

Certainly, I have enough pictures for several more chapters, but I don’t want to just start slapping pictures here and there. Also, I need to go back and clean up some Scribus scat. Ick! 🙂

To take a little break from the glen, I decided to go back across the path to the Susie Harwood garden. Spring is certainly in the air there as these pictures will attest to! This was also the first time that I used my wide angle over there. Usually, it’s the macro.

The clock is ticking. Only 9 days to go!

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