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So, here it is. It’s called Beyond First Impressions. I have lots to say, but for today, I think that I’ll just present the book. Over the next couple of days, I think that I’ll write about the ‘end’ experience. The book is a flash version, but for those of you who like PDF, I’m working on a version. Unfortunately, the output size is about 18 MB and I’m trying to figure out how to make it smaller. But, if you like ’em large, here it is.

Regarding the PDF, it would be better to download the book, open it, go to

View->Page Display->Two Up
View->Page Display->Show Cover Page During Two-up

This will ensure that the pages show correctly. I didn’t figure out how to export it so that it would open that way naturally.

As always, your comments are encouraged!

The end is near
SoFoBoMo: Crossing the finish line early.