Sometimes I feel like a nomad, moving here and there. Since leaving home just 2 weeks before my 22nd birthday, I’ve done a lot of moving. The interesting part, for me, was that we lived in the same house from the time that I was born until the time that I moved out to start my own life. Since that time the longest time that I’ve stayed at any one residence has been about 5 years. I’ve been in Charlotte for a solid 4 years. As we made a promise to Tony that we would not move until after he graduated from high school, we have at least 2 years to go. He’s in his Junior year.

During my 24 years of adulthood, that time between when I moved out on my own and now, I’ve met many people at work, in the various neighborhoods, etc. From almost each of the jobs that I’ve had I’ve maintained contact with a person or two. I like to call someone whom I’ve not heard from in a long time and surprise them. I would say that of all of the people that I’ve met, I have two very close friends: One you hear about often, Richard. Richard and I talk to each other several times per week. Our wives are best friends. The other, I met in high school and we still talk to each other several times per month, Gordon. Richard and Gordon both live in Texas and live about 20 miles from each other, perhaps slightly more. To be honest, I cannot remember if they’ve ever met. :-)

I got to thinking about friendships when I realized that it was nearly October and almost time for our ‘promised’, 2nd annual Jekyll Island get together … which isn’t going to happen. Our first annual get together happened in Asheville, NC last year and we had plans to do it again this year in either Florida or the Canadian Rockies, but, I guess that sometimes life gets in the way. I was not the planner for this year’s affair … I helped with the first one. :-) There has been sporadic contact over the past year, save for two. I stay in constant contact with Kate and Usha, both pictured above. Kate is chimping her camera, Usha, is to her left. Occasionally we’ll all get an e-mail from George, but other than that it’s pretty silent.

I’m pretty thankful for the contact that I have because it’s good to have a few good friends to talk to, laugh with, share stories, and just basically enjoy.

So, to all of my friends, thank you for being you and thanks for keeping in touch. Oh, and Cuz’n Micki, I’ve certainly not forgotten about you! :-) Micki has been one of my biggest supporters. She’s been coming around posting, offering encouragement, and being a good friend since I made my first post! I’ve not met her yet, but I certainly intend it!

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