I just read a post called 11 Reasons Every Photographer Needs a Website or Blog. Most of the reasons had to do with self-promotion or making money. Rather obvious, I think. I did come up with a 12th reason, though. Depending on how much you talk about photography and into what areas you delve, it can be an interesting account of your life … somewhat autobiographical.

On all of my posts, I have a plugin that generates a list of 5 posts that might be similar in nature to the current post based on keyword occurrence. I find that I really like this feature. I don’t know if anyone who reads this blog uses it, but I find it very useful. 🙂 Regularly, I go back and read older posts that I’ve made and am, in some cases, quite amazed at how much I’ve changed my opinion about things, or it sparks memories of things that I had forgotten…

Perhaps a 13th reason would be because, it’s about sharing. It’s cool, I think, to share your vision of the world and visit others to see what there vision is. I like to have new visitors. I always follow their links to see what they are talking about. If I find it interesting, which I do quite a bit, I’ll add their feed to my list and see if I still like what I see over time.

I’m sure that there are plenty more reasons … other than for profit and to make a name for yourself.

If you have a blog, what are your reasons? If you don’t have one, why not?

Finally, a bit of color
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