Well, it was just announced … kind of. They leaked it in their own pro magazine. Nikon will be releasing the D3x. Not much of an upgrade from the D3, except twice the pixels and a smaller ISO range (50 – 6400, instead of 100-25,600). Let the pixel wars continue.

What I’d like to see is a new camera with about 3+ more stops of dynamic range! Now that would be cool! No idea on what the price of this beast will be, nor any idea when it will be shipped. I’m sure that there is some constraint of physics that they haven’t figured out just yet, but I’m sure that they are working on it.

Well, I guess that means that there is a D900 (a slightly stripped down version of the D3x), or whatever, on the horizon. The price of the D3 and D700 will start to slide, and the buying public will clamber for it. At least I was glad to see that they didn’t put any silliness in it, like HD video! 🙂 Looks like the estimated street price might be about $7,500 USD! Ouch!

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