A few months ago, I would have never even considered having a Facebook account. What for? Well, now I have one. It’s funny what being on your own for several months will do to you. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a big fan of TV, save for watching an episode of House or two. Sometimes the TV will go for weeks on end without being turned on. If I want video entertainment, I’ll watch a Netflix instant movie or watch something on Hulu, but, for the most part I prefer to read.

I can deal with lots of alone time, but sometimes I just want some interaction. My favorite person to hang out with and talk to is my wife, but she’s not here in Summerville right now, nor is she in the country for that matter.

So, I decided that I would join Facebook just to see what it was about. I know that Tony has a Facebook account and cannot seem to wait to get home and see what’s going on in his account. I told him that I had a Facebook account and asked him to add me as a friend. He said “No way!”. 🙂 I figured as much. I’m pretty sure that I don’t even want to know what they talk about.

Well, I joined and have found a few of my high school friends online. I also found a young lady that I used to work with, Stacey, It’s kind of fun to see what people are posting. It’s pretty superficial and a great waste of time, but it is interesting to see who’s doing what and where they are living.

I was having lunch with a former coworker and friend of mine, Rajesh. He’s a single guy and I asked him what single guys did during the weekend and evenings and he said either watch TV, play X-Box, or drink. 🙂 It didn’t sound so appealing to me and he agreed. I suggested that he take up a hobby. LOL!

During my 8 months here I’ve done a number of things to keep busy so that the evenings don’t seem so long, but sometimes it would just be nice to have dinner or a movie with a friend and just chit-chat. I’ll probably dabble in Facebook for a while, but I sincerely doubt that it will hold my interest long.

Anybody else on Facebook? I looked at Twitter too and decided that Tweeting’s not for me.

Taking the 11-18mm out for a stroll
Where is your big red X?