I’m becoming quite enamored of the little field across the street from my apartment. Mostly, for now at least, I’m interested in all the honey bees that are floating around the clover. I hope that they don’t cut it over the weekend. I’d like to explore it some more next week. I’ve seen a couple of ladybugs, too.

It’s quite a different perspective when getting on hands and knees, macro lens in hand and chasing bees. I’m not really worried about getting stung or anything. These bees are very docile and fun to be around. And ladybugs, well you can just pick them up, but they just tend to scamper away. I know that in time I’ll see other insects. There’s a whole world there!

I saw a rotted out tree with a lot of woodpecker holes in it. It will be interesting to see what’s in there. There’s a whole world within those few square yards.

I became interested in the field because of its proximity to the apartment. In other words, I could come home, change into shorts, walk across the street and see what I could see. I like the challenge of ‘seeing’ without going any place ‘special’. You should give it a try. There may be a whole world that you are missing.

Wandering and wondering