It is always very meaningful to me when a new blogger stops by my blog. I always wonder how they found me on all of the cyber noise. It’s really nice when they decide to post a comment, or two, or three. But what is even more rewarding is when shortly after they appear here and I am reading their blog that I see some of my old familiar blog family posting there a day or two later. I like that!

Such is the case with Chris Klug’s blog, Patterns of Light n’ Dark. Chris stopped by for the first time, I believe, last week, made some nice posts, and hung in there when my Spam Karma 2 kept telling him that he was a spammer and refusing to post his comments. Well, SK2 and I finally came to an understanding, I think, and now Chris can post.

Chris was, in a former career, a lighting designer and his photographs have beautiful lighting. I’ve been looking at them and trying to see what I can learn from them.

Now that I’m going on year 4, which hard to believe, I can think of many of the people who have dropped by and visited during that time. Sometimes I go back through old posts and see their names, click on their links, and a lot of times am disappointed because they are no longer blogging. However, there always seems to be someone new to come along, for a season, and add a new dimension to this blog.

I just love it! It’s one of the things that makes blogging very much worthwhile.

Mini forest
A close call