It has been one of those crazy weeks where life gets in the way of photography. Usually, I can make time for photography, but this week, not so much. I’ve not developed or scanned any film in the last 17 days! Yikes! And, as I realized yesterday, daylight is becoming a very precious thing, especially for those of us who like to go out to the street and shoot. Sunset is now at about 6:39 PM and loosing about 1 minute in the evening each day.

If I leave work at 5:00, I can get downtown at about 5:30, which leaves me, technically, about one hour to shoot, but it turns out to be much less than that due to the numerous buildings that happen to be there. 🙂 Not that downtown Charleston has any large buildings, it doesn’t. It’s just that the angle of the sun is so low by the time that I get there that I have maybe 30 minutes to shoot. Perhaps I’ll have to load up with higher speed film, or, dare I say, get to work earlier so that I can leave earlier. Hmmm? I’ll have to think about that.

Not only is it the sunlight factor, it seems that most every day this week, I’ve had something that I have to do right after work. Today, I have to come back to the apartment to pick up a FedEx overnight package, sign some papers, and return it. The apartment closes by 6:00, which usually means about 5:45. So, were I to come here, get the package, and attempt to go downtown, it wouldn’t work. Downtown is 45 minutes from here. Sigh. Yesterday was my volunteer day, so that was out. Maybe tomorrow evening I’ll get to go and shoot. We’ll see.

I’m chompin’ at the bit here. I feel the need to get out and shoot, but life just is not cooperating. Sunrise isn’t until 7:30 AM. I would get up, go downtown, and do some morning shooting, but for the most part, there are only joggers in the morning. Not much to see. Also, traffic coming out of downtown and going towards work is nightmarish. Not a good way to start the day.

Oh well, I’ll get to do a lot of shooting next week when I go to visit Tom, The Photo Father. More about that later! 🙂 I ought to put myself in a massive backlog of film needing to be developed. At least I hope to!

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