Happy New Year to you all! This is among one of the last photos that I took for 2009. This is a family from Knoxville, TN visiting Isle of Palms on vacation. As I remember, the parent’s names were Steve and Jan. I hope that I got that right. I gave them a couple of my cards and hope that they will e-mail me so that I can send them a photo! They were very cool people to meet and talk to.

I noticed Steve with the walkie-talkie in his hand taking directions from some unknown place. I found out, after asking, that each year they send Christmas cards of themselves at the beach and they were walking around trying to find a spot free of people, which would have been quite easy on any other winter day, but for some reason, there were a lot of people at the beach Tuesday, December 29th. Go figure. There was a friend of theirs taking photos from the top floor of one of the condo rentals some distance away and she was providing directions on who to pose and what to do. 🙂

I watched for a while until my curiosity got the better of me, that’s when I asked. We had a pleasant conversation and I told them that I thought that they were going to race. That sounded like a good idea to the little girl, so they lined up for a race and I was there to capture it.

I thought that this photo would be an appropriate Happy New Year photo! So, there you have it!

2009: *Poof*
Keeping a promise