Leica M6 – Ilford HP5+ – Rodinal 1:50

I was reading a post over at Shutterfinger. Gordon was talking about the cameras that he’s known and loved. In his post said that he made a list of all the cameras that he’s ever owned. That list came to 30 or so cameras; unfortunately, he didn’t share the entire list, but did share some information about a few of his favorites.

I began to think about how many cameras I’ve owned over the years and came up with slightly less than half that many, 14. Here is the list of the cameras that I owned at one time. They are in purchased order as I remember them.

  1. Minolta XG-1
  2. Minolta SRT-101
  3. Minolta X-700
  4. Minolta XD-11
  5. Minolta XD-11
  6. Yashica Mat 124g (6 x 6, film)
  7. Canon Powershot ??? – My first digital
  8. Minolta Dimage A1
  9. Nikon D2x
  10. Nikon D300
  11. Nikon D40
  12. Mamiya 645e (6 x 4.5, film)
  13. Olympus 35 LC (film)
  14. Leica M6 (film)

As you can see, I used to shoot nothing but Minolta. My first Nikon was, believe it or not, their flagship (at the time), the D2x. What a thrill that was!

The ones in bold are the ones that I still own. I’m sure that you probably wonder which was my favorite. Well, that’s hard to say. In the digital realm, I’d probably have to say the D2x. Man! That was a tank and an impressive camera; however, the D300 outperforms it every step of the way, but it was close to my heart as it was my first real digital camera.

My favorite film camera … Minolta XD-11. That camera was way ahead of its time and could seem to do no wrong, although I did enjoy my SRT-101. I know, you expected me to say the Leica, but it runs a close second. Also, I really liked the square frame of the Yashica Mat 124g.

Least favorite of the bunch? By far, the DiMAGE A1. I never did get to like electronic view finders. I know that EVFs have improved a lot, I’ve looked through them, but, I’m still not feeling them! I like to look through glass!

Sometimes it’s nice to take a trip back down memory lane. Let’s see. I’ve been shooting for about 31 years. 14 cameras, or about 1 every two years? I’m quite the moderate camera buyer! šŸ™‚

Think you can remember all of the cameras that you ever bought?

Addendum: I forgot that I also owned two view cameras. A Sinar 4×5 monorail and a Shen Hao 4×5 wooden field camera. It was some kind of wonderful. šŸ™‚

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