Kodak Tech Pan 25 – Mamyia 645e – Rodinal 1:300

Every morning on the way to work, pass a framing shop, I’ve Been Framed. They have a sign outside that they change weekly, offering different specials on framing. Almost without fail, after reading the sign, I think: I need to bring my printer Charleston so that I can do some prints and hang them on the wall. Yet, each time that I go back for the weekend, I don’t do it.

It’s not a matter of forgetting, because I do usually remember. Every Sunday, I look at that printer and wonder why I don’t bring it. I could say that I don’t have a place to put it, but I could by a stand. 🙂 At one point, a couple of years ago, I got into printing and was printing several times a week. Then, I stopped. Now I feel the desire to fire up that printer again.

The walls in my apartment are bare and I always think that somehow that is wrong. After all, I have so many photos that I could place on the wall and make it feel more cozy.

Previously all of the photos that I printed were done using Epson Premium Luster photo paper, which I like a lot. However, this time, I think that I want to find a paper, or perhaps several papers that are closer to the rag paper that I used to use in the darkroom when I felt that a particular photo needed that nice, creamy look or a feel different than I could get using the resin coated polycontrast papers that I normally used.

I know that there are a plethora of sample packs out there and would love some suggestions of papers to try.

The above photo is one that I really want to print.

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