I promised my wife that while she was away this weekend that I’d have her car looked at. The brakes have been squeaking. This week was busy with the usual stuff, so I waited to do it until this weekend. The place that we get our cars repaired is Tuffy Auto Center. Tuffy is located pretty conveniently, when you’re driving. Well, I had made up my mind early this week that I would drop the car there on Saturday morning, walk back home, then walk back over to pick it up. Round trip, that journey is about 5 miles with very moderate hills in between.

So, this morning, away I went. I dropped of the car, walked back home. It took about 50 minutes to get home. I hung out here for a while, got a call saying that the brakes where just peachy … but, that the shocks needed replaced. OK. Do it. When the work was nearly completed, I got a call and away I went. The morning’s journey was good. It was cool and overcast, around 74 degrees F. I worked up a bit of a sweat, but it felt good.

The way back, it had warmed up into the lower 80s, around 82 ?. As I walked, it triggered a memory from long ago and a slight smile came across my face. I remembered when I was young, about 10 or 12, and my brother Henry came home from the Marines. Well, he was in really good shape and used to going on long marches every morning, so he decided to indoctrinate his little brother into the Marines, so to speak. I remember that we walked everywhere!!! He didn’t have a car, but he didn’t mind. Personally, I would have rather caught the bus, but walk and walk walk we did.

When I got to Tuffy’s and after I had a nice cool drink, I called him. Henry is now 58, 10 years my senior. I asked if he remembered about it and he did. We shared a pretty good laugh about that.

So, I’ve walked my 5 miles for the day. Hmmm, I’m reconsidering that SoFoBoMo idea of A Journey of 100 miles. You know?! 100 miles is a long way! 🙂 Maybe I’ll rename it: While walking!

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