A wild bouquet

I remember reading Ove’s post, The Februaries. This post invoked a strong response in me because the photograph was a stark reminder of where I have been for nearly two years … in a case of the Februaries. If you’ve not seen the photograph, I suggest that you go and look at it. It’s pretty revealing and haunting.

Anyway, now that things are being resolved and the Februaries are sliding away, it’s great to start seeing again. I’ve missed it. Now, my morning walks are filled with sights, smells, sounds, and lots of things to stare at in wonder. Things that I used to walk right by, such as this lovely little bouquet of wildflowers, or as some might call them weeds. I remember all of the times when I tried to be creative, always falling short. I went to the garden at UNCC, which was filled with beauty that I couldn’t see. I went to the beaches near Charleston, yet caught only glimpses of the treasures that were there. I walked around downtown Charlotte and caught only glimpses of life.

Now, things are coming back. Oh how I’ve missed those sights. I must admit, though, that I feel in some way weirdly guilty about taking most of my photos using my cell phone. I feel that I should be using my D300, but then again, I’m just happy to be shooting again. I’ve got 4 rolls of B&W to develop, too. That makes me smile and from what I remember, I have some pretty decent shots on there. Still liking that Leica!

The tower of e-vil
A little horn tooting