Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. ~Sir Authur Conan Doyle

Yesterday, it was big relief to see the A/C repairman. My favorite guy, for that day anyway. After he fixed the A/C he came to the door expecting payment, which I gladly, ever so gladly tendered without hesitation. He was my hero for the day.

I came back inside, put the receipt down, put the wallet down, and then went back to work. Happy that the house was starting to cool down. Ahhhh. Sometime later, let’s call it an hour, I needed my wallet because I was going to go out and do a little bit of shopping.

I’m a creature of habit and 99% of the time, place my wallet in the same place. I went there. It wasn’t there. Hmmmm. I looked in all of the usual places, but no dice. Vera had just come back in from her trip to Dallas and was sleeping in one of the downstairs rooms. I didn’t want to disturb her. As I could find it nowhere else, I waited, sort of. I continued to look. Upstairs. Downstairs. Here. There. Everywhere. No place else that it could be other than in the room with Vera. Waiting …

Some hours later, she awoke. I told her about my lost wallet and proceeded to turn the room upside down looking for it. No wallet. Double Hmmmm. Where could it have gone. In the meantime, Tony had come home, gone upstairs and went to sleep. I thought, maybe, just maybe, he picked it up by accident and took it upstairs with him. More waiting.

When Tony woke up, I asked and he said no, he didn’t pick it up. He knew that his own wallet was in the car. Damn! OK. So, he started helping me look, as did Vera. They came up with some wacky suggestions of places to look. The funny thing is, I had already looked there.

Tony: Did you look in the refrigerator?
Paul: Yep. Already did. Took most everything out and looked. Looked in the freezer, too. (Subscribing to the truth in the quote above).
Vera: What about the trash?
Paul: Yep. Both inside and out.
Tony: The backyard.
Paul: Been there. Done that … even though I hadn’t been outside. Desperate times call for desperate measures. 🙂

OK. So, after about 30 minutes of steady searching, I hear from upstairs:
Tony: Hey, Pops! Here you go.
Paul: You found it? Where?
Tony: Ummmm. Remember that I said that I didn’t pick it up. I guess that I did. It was in my room.
Paul: Thank you!

Now, I would love to show you a photo of his room, but it is rather embarrassing. Just imagine a landfill … I would never even think of going in there in search of something. I might not be heard from again.

So, you see, I did put it in the same place as always, on the kitchen counter, and for whatever reason, he picked it up, took it upstairs, placed it in the, umm, landfill/room, and had to discover it later. Lucky for me that he found it, or it would have been lost forever. I ain’t goin in that room!

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