My good friend, Monte, has given me a good shot to the ribs a couple of times about saving money for an M9. 🙂 This all started when he, Earl, and I had dinner when he was in town. I made an off-hand comment that I ‘might’ get, or was thinking about getting a Leica M9. To be sure, it was just a thought.
Previously, I had exchanged a few e-mails with Paul Butzi about his experience with his M9. He provided very good feedback. I asked a few questions about usability and how close it felt to the M6, as he was an M6 power user, shooting thousands of rolls of film with it. He assured me that I’d just fall right into line with the M9.

The thing that I couldn’t get over was the price. $6995. OK, let’s just say $7K. I can think of lots of better things to do with $7K including taking a pretty damned exotic trip with my D300 or M6!

Anyway, like I said, it was just a passing thought, and to be completely honest, I just cannot see myself spending that kind of cash on a new camera. That was simply thought up in a moment of laziness, instant gratification desire, and overt consumerism.

We never know, but more than likely, I will NOT buy an M9. I have always wanted to live simpler life, free from the rampant consumerism that I see here in the US. I need to stick to that because it is what feels right for me; however, every once in a while, that consumer bug bites me, or should I say, I’m drawn to the church of consumerism. Meditation is a good repellent for such things. 🙂

It's all gone now
A Bessa in my hands