I don’t know how he does it, but somehow Monte can make coffee look appealing. I find the stuff disgusting, but his photographs of the lattes and such do look quite appealing. Perhaps it is the smooth juxtaposition of a tasty sweet right next to it. Who knows? 🙂
Yesterday, I took a trip to Asheville, NC with a Peaceful Dragon friend of mine. After walking around a bit, taking photos, talking and just having a grand old time, we stopped a Kubo’s Sushi and Hibachi and had some delicious sushi. Before departing we both decided to go and take photographs of the sushi chefs.

Of course, I thought immediately of Monte, ace food photographer; so here’s my offering from that visit. Although my sushi rolls were delicious, after taking this photo and looking at it, when I’m up there, I might have to try this dish. It looks fabulous. Yum! As Asheville is a tourist type of town, I suspect that the chefs are used to having their photo taken. They didn’t seem to mind at all and kept about making these delicious creations.

Although I was quite satisfied and had my fill of sushi, it was very tempting to pluck a piece of that tuna off of the plate and pop it into my mouth, consequences be damned! 😉

I finally took my D300 out for a stroll and, as usual, it performed flawlessly. This shot was taken at ISO 1600. 1/250 @ f/1.8

Brothers: Fred Jr.
Window light