What more reason do I need than this?

Periodically, I will slip into this state of mind and question why I still blog. How is that after nearly 5 years, I’ve not tired of it? What difference does it make to the world? Why do it? It doesn’t leave behind any artifacts for future generations to read, study, or get information from. No archeologists will be digging up some piece of earth and find ancient, weathered, aged blog pages. 🙂 Nope. Whenever I decide to press the delete button, it will be gone from the servers and possibly only reside on my laptop, should I maintain a copy of it. Gone forever. Ephemeral. So, why do it? All that I can say is, why not?

I do it mainly because I really enjoy doing it. I like sharing parts of my life, especially those cool human moments that I have when I meet people like Justin, Coco, Dave (It’s about respect!), Charles, and the numerous other people that I’ve met while I’ve had a camera in my hand.

It’s also to share the wonder of a sunrise that I have the good fortune to witness, or perhaps the antics of my buddy, Hobbs. Sharing my silliness with my friends, or perhaps a deep, through-provoking moment that someone on the street is having and that I happened to catch.

Would I blog without the camera? Good question. I don’t think that I would. Though I love to write, there’s just something special about being able to add a photo, relevant or not, to the text.

I love to see what the similar comments plugin pulls up at the bottom of the post. I never know what’s coming. I click on the links and then read a post that I had forgotten about. Perhaps it will bring a smile to my face and induce a chuckle. Perhaps it will give me a moment of sadness. I never know. I just know that I like to do it.

So, perhaps it is the overall autobiographical aspect of it. I’m writing my story as I go along. Fun stuff.

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