It’s Sunday night and I just received an e-mail from LensRental.com reminding me that I need to return the lens or call for an extension. As I type, the lens is safely packed away and will be shipped tomorrow.

Overall, I can speak very highly of LensRental.com. The rental was a breeze; it was packed very well and the lens was in top shape, very well cared for.

As for the lens itself, it was a decent lens. I think that it lacked the contrast punch of the Summicron, but this is easily corrected with sliders and such. It’s large aperture, f/1.1 didn’t amaze me as much as I thought it would. Sure, it could gather about 1 1/3 more stops of light than my current 50 mm, but that wasn’t quite enough, for me, to offset the disadvantages of the lens, especially given how I use the lens. The disadvantages were:

1. Comparatively heavy.
2. Large and conspicuous.
3. Seriously encroaches into the view finder.

The advantages:
1. Great light gathering ability.
2. Feels well built.
3. Operates smoothly.

I didn’t really make and comparisons on bokeh, as with the rangefinder, I generally shoot at f/8 or f/11, but I did want to try this lens, even though I had to shoot counter to what I usually do with a rangefinder.

It was a great experience, the rental. It was a nice way to try a $1,000 lens for $6 USD per day. So, had I considered buying this lens, the final answer would be no. Your mileage may vary, though. If you do lots of night shots, you might find yourself wanting this lens.

Summicron 50 mm + M9: Simply ... WOW!