Yesterday, I was talking to Tim and told him that I wanted to go shoot a bit and was feeling kind of small-townish. I had passed through this small town, Fort Mill, SC and wanted to go back and shoot a bit. He said that he’d like to go. We arrived around 6:00 PM, just about the time that the light was getting nice.

We walked around, took some pictures of the old storefronts, most of which were closed permanently or closed for the evening, after all, it was after 5:30 PM. 🙂 The most interesting shop that I found an antique shop, which was close, but the light was falling in just the right way to highlight an old, blue bicycle that they had out front. I’m pretty sure that the bicycle was painted to match the blue of the building as well as the blue of the lettering. As you can see, the bike has seen better days and could use a bit of love, but, no one’s going to make off with it. I wonder how long it’s been here. This used to be someone’s mode of transportation, now it’s just an icon of an era gone by.

I really liked the cool blues and the warmth of the last rays of sunlight falling on rear tire and just missing the front tire.

Next stop: Pittsburgh, PA