Many times thoughts connect in seemingly odd ways. I was watching a movie, The Color of Magic. In it, one of the main characters, Twoflower, was a tourist and a photographer. He marveled at most everything and wanted to photograph it. Later in the show, his reluctant companion, Rincewind, asked him why he took so many photos. He answered: Because later, when I’m old, I want to sit by the fire, look through my pictures, and remember what it was like. This is not a direct quote, but something similar.

Earlier that day I had decided to finally clean up my hard drive and organize my photos. I’ve been through a number of Lightroom upgrades, a switch from Windoze to Mac, a move, etc.

I came upon this one from February of 2007, taken at the North Carolina Zoo at Asheboro. It brought back some fond memories. I remember that this particular day was cool and it was rather slow. Not many people were around. I was able to stand in front of the gorilla exhibit and be in the presence of this fellow. There were no kids making ape noises, nor adults doing same. Just me and the gorilla. It was really cool to go back and look at this, to remember that time.

I started thinking after I heard the quote in the movie and saw these old pictures about how really transient digital captures can be. They can disappear in a hard drive fail, get lost during a transfer from computer to computer, become corrupted. Sure, similar fates can befall prints and books. They can get damaged, lost, destroyed, whatever, but there is something special about a book. I’d rather not sit next to the fire with my laptop!

I started thinking about cruising through my photos, by year, and making a book of my favorite ones for each year, say about 35 (Can someone say SoFoBoMo size?). I have photos going back to 2003. That would be a task that might be fun, but sounds daunting. Doing it each year wouldn’t be bad, but catching up from the past 8 years … kind of tough. Geez! I’m starting to sound like Anita … dreaming up projects! LOL

Well, certainly, this would probably be the cover of my 2007 book. It’s one of my favorites.

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