Morgan, left, and Ana Kay, the bride, having a few relaxing moments while the guys finish up.

I have to start off with a large amount of appreciation for wedding photographers, especially those who do photojournalistic style wedding photography, recording not only the event, but the nuances surrounding it. It can be pretty demanding. Also, I have to give a big thanks to my friend, Tim, who came down here to Alabama with me to help photograph the event.


Yesterday, after our drive down, we hit the ground running, following the guys to their tux fittings. It was there that I discovered how cool, and what an advantage it was, to be an insider. That is, I knew all of the cast of players and their personalities, so I got to enjoy the interactions, have a good time, and make some fun, and hopefully memorable photographs.

On the other hand, Tim knows very few of the players and their personalities, but even knowing some offers a big advantage. He was fully aware of Tony’s personality so he was ready for it when Tony ‘strutted’ out of the changing room. 🙂

Though I wanted to have some amount of constraint, admittedly for selfish reasons, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Knowing all of these people makes it hard to hold back on the shots. Sure, it’s going to be a lot of work doing the post processing and presenting my ‘view’ of the wedding and the various happenings, it’s going to be fun. During the fitting, rehearsal dinner, and rehearsal, we shot some 500 shots … and that was just the beginning. This morning, in approximately 4 hours the main event begins; however, we are getting there early to photograph the setup and will remain, shooting all the while through the entrance, the ceremony, and the reception.
A few last minute adjustments for Pedro as Ana Kay looks on.

I’ve got batteries galore, chargers, lots of cards for the camera, and am well rested. It should be a happy and productive day, today!

The upcoming wedding shoot
Done deal!