At least she can smile. Maybe she doesn’t have a Nikon!

I wrote this post back in November 2009, right after I came back from New York City. The camera had failed right before I was to leave for NYC. I sent it to Nikon, spent $224, it was repaired and worked well for almost 18 months. Now, it’s failing again. Sigh.

Again, right before a key moment. I guess that this time it decided to go on strike because I had the Leica M9. The last time, it was because of the M6. I guess that it doesn’t like Leicas!

I noticed that it started acting up a week or two ago. I had the 90 mm Tamron lens on it and it constantly showed f7. No matter what mode or which dial I turned, F7. It still did the proper exposure, but always at the same aperture. I tried a couple of other lenses with limited success:

1. 50 mm Nikon lens. Showed F7.
2. 90 mm Tamron. F7
3. Nikon 18-70 – Works properly.
4. Tamron 11 – 18 – Works properly.

Further, now when I shoot more than about 6 shots in quick sequence, about 1 second apart, the camera locks up on about the 7th shot. The mirror stays up and the shutter open. The only way to get it to work correctly is to turn off the camera, and shot another sequence of shots. Forget about high speed shooting.

I’m not sure what its issue is this time, but it is rather annoying. Sometimes I miss my D2x; it was flawless. Perhaps I just got a lemon of a camera. I’ve had the camera about 3 years and it has failed twice in that time.

Looks like I’ll be sending it for repair again, I think. Sigh ….

Seeing this behavior, I decided to rent a Nikon D90 for the wedding. I looked at a few cameras in the Nikon line and this camera used the same image processing engine and sensor, it just doesn’t have as many bells and whistles. It performed well and I was able to set it up in no time flat as all of the menus were the exact same, save for a few omissions.

Overall, I am pleased with the Nikon cameras that I’ve owed, but this seems a bit ridiculous. I don’t use the camera that hard and it’s failed twice. The saga continues.

Leica M9 and the wedding
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