Since I’ve been back from ‘down under’, people want to know what it was like. My answer, in general, is that Sydney was rather like New York City, only much, much farther away. The main difference being that the people drove on the left side of the street and some talked with an Aussie accent, but certainly no one spoke like Crocodile Dundee! There was little that was unique and many things quite familiar.
Each morning, I walked past 7-11 to get to Starbucks, which was almost right next door to Subway and right across the street, one block down was McDonald’s. One of the tallest buildings in downtown Sydney was the Ernst & Young building. Everywhere you went, there was familiar signs of ‘home’. So, it didn’t seem like much of a get away.

In attempting to put together my SoFoBoMo book for this year, of which I have about 6 more days to do, I’m finding it difficult to know what exactly it is that I want to say. Of course, I could simply put in 35 pictures and be done, but that, somehow, just wouldn’t suffice. I’m going to spend a bit more time on it today and make a good go to try to finish it or at least get really close. Perhaps I’ll go t my local Starbucks, sit there with my computer, and contemplate. Perhaps that will put me back in the mood of being in Australia. Yeah! That’s it. Starbucks! Reminds me of Sydney. LOL

On my return flight, I spoke to a lady who had been to, it seemed like, most everywhere. She said that most places are starting to look the same. Everywhere you go: McDonald’s, Burger King (Hungry Jacks), Starbucks, and even Walmart is showing, which reminds me that there was news in Sydney about the first Costco that had opened there. The lady even mentioned that when she was in Moscow that she saw in a TGI Fridays! Of course, it was written Cyrillic, but there was no mistaking that it was Friday’s!

Of course, this seems natural, I suppose with satellite television, jet travel, and the need or desire for better income to buy more stuff that countries would start losing their original ‘flavor’ in favor of more commerce and employment opportunities, but it is unfortunate that when you land in a land so very far away that it looks all too familiar.

Oh, well! Next international stop planned: Quito, Ecuador. March 2012!


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