Summer’s gone? I’ve noticed that the mornings are cooler, now. This morning brought 68 degrees. The walk was quite comfortable. Sunrise is now around 6:45 AM, instead of the 6:00 AM that we had gotten used to.

As we walked, I noticed a couple of kids come out of their house, backpacks donned, dressed smartly. It rather caught me a bit by surprise that they were heading to school. I thought for a moment … Oh yeah, August 15th, almost time! Private schools are starting today, Charlotte public schools don’t start until August 25th. At least the students start on a Thursday, so it’s not too hard getting back!

As I continued to walk, I remembered that about a week before school starts, the bus drivers start rolling through their routes, getting timing estimates. I don’t miss the smell and sounds of the buses in the morning. That, I could do without. 🙂

On the return trip home, there they were, three of them in a row heading down S. Tryon Street. School buses! A sure indicator that the end of summer has arrived.

I thought that this little froggy was an appropriate photo to go with back to school. When I see him, I think of little boys tormenting little girls with “icky” frogs. Or perhaps this is the look that a parent sees from her little one when she wakes them up for the first day of school: Huh? Wha? 🙂

Hopefully this little guy made it to where he was going safely and hopefully he won’t end up on the dissection table of a 9th grade biology class. I’m sure frogs don’t like school, especially biology!

To and fro. Hither and yon.
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