L-R: Bill, Robert, Jim, and Paul
It is really amazing, to me, how we can not see someone for a really long time, say about 30 years, and just pick right up where we left off. This weekend, I am in Akron, Ohio, doing my yearly visit. Thanks to Facebook, Jim saw my post about visiting and rallied the troops together so that we could have a small reunion.

I didn’t go to high school with these guys, but did work with all of them at York Steak House around 1981 – 1982, or so. I had seen Robert a couple of years ago during my visit, or was it last year? 🙂 I hadn’t seen Bill or Jim since I left York Steak House in 1982, so 29 years ago.

We had a good conversation and shared fond memories of our fellow employees that we worked with at that time. All told we spent almost 2 hours chatting and having a good time. It was like, at least for me, like we had never parted ways. Of course, we all had families, kids, and an adult life, but it just felt so comfortable to be with them again.

We had a waitress-in-training. Her name was Amber. She was kind enough to take this photo of us after I loaned her my iPhone. The nice thing about having a youngster do it is that they probably know the technology better than you and so there is no training issue. She even knew that I could ‘turn the camera around’ at the press of a button. I told her that I knew that, but wanted her to take the photo. 🙂

Anyway, it was a good time and next year I promised to give more notice so that we might recruit a few more people from the days of York to join us!

Good ole Southern Eating
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