Yesterday I took a ride up to The Blue Ridge Parkway. I was a bit tired of the everyday rain that we’ve been having in Charlotte and hoped for a change of pace. My friend, James, and I took off about 9:00 AM and spent the entire day exploring.

Around 3:30 PM, we arrived at one of the visitor’s centers, Craggy Gardens Visitor’s Center, at mile marker 364.6. While James took a bit of time to take in the view on the other side of the street, I took some photos on the visitor’s center side.

While standing there taking a few photos, two gentlemen drove up, got out of their car, and looked at the view. They had interesting conversation right there as I took pictures. Let’s just call them M1 and M2, for Man 1 and Man 2. πŸ™‚

M1: Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous.
M2: I agree. Fantastic.
M1: There is just no way that you can capture this beauty with a camera.
M2: You don’t think so?
M1: No way. There’s really no point in trying. Look at that valley and those clouds. It’s just too much.
M2: Yeah. You’re probably right.

OK. Here’s the other thing: They both got out of the car with cameras around their necks. Pretty decent looking cameras, too. I didn’t see what type they were, I was too busy taking pictures of that which could not be captured. πŸ™‚

Anyway, it was unfortunate that M2 was talked out of even trying by M1. Also, that M1 even refused to try. I would highly suggest that M2 find a different photo buddy to hang out with. LOL


Well, they got back into the car without taking a single photo that I know of and I continued clicking away with my iPhone and with my M9. One of each photo displayed here.

It’s interesting, to me, how they each chose such a different color temperature. Neither ‘wrong’, but certainly interesting side-by-side.

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