Yesterday, I received a reminder in the mail from the DMV telling me that it was time to renew my driver’s license. I will need to come into the office, take the signs and vision test again and pay my $32 to renew for another 8 years. Wait a minute, I thought! I thought that my license was good for 8 years. Say what? It’s been 8 years! Well, that means that on my birthday I’ll be 50! Yikes! 🙂

Instantly, this thought transported me to another place in time. I remember, as a child of about 16 or 17, my friends and I used to ‘fantasize’ about what it would like to be old. By old, we meant 30! LOL. Later, I would think: Wow! In the year 2000, which seemed so very far away in 1978 or ’79, I thought that I would be 38. Wow! Just frickin’ unimaginable. When I signed up for my North Carolina license, at the tender age of 42, I had another thought: I won’t need to renew this baby until I’m 50! Hmmmm. Seems as if that time has come. LOL

Today, I was in a meeting and we were all introducing ourselves and telling how much experience we had. I came in with 27 years. One of teammates mentioned to me that I had as much experience as he had life! Oh boy! However, he did say that he does like working with me because I know so much and come up with solutions quickly. I guess so. Been there. Done that.

At any rate, it’s no big deal. I wouldn’t change this age and the accumulated wisdom for any younger age. I love where I am. I understand that soon I can be expecting letters from AARP. All that I can say is: Let the discounts begin! Ain’t no shame in my game!!!

A long day for Mr. Hobbs
Pink was the color of the day.